Brick EdgingLedford's Landscaping can provide you with attractive and durable brick mow edging for shrub bed borders. This is done in mortar. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, brick edging may reduce the infiltration of invasive plants, vines and weeds into other parts of the yard. It helps keep mulch from washing away. The functional benefit of brick edging also results in less maintenance, which includes reducing the need for weeding and trimming grasses and vines by hand.






Rock EdgingRock edging protects your lawn from unwanted plant invaders and protects your beds from unwanted grass intrusion. Rock edging also helps keep mulch in the beds. Rock edging is very durable. The rocks are mortared in place. Other types of edging may get chipped or cracked easily. Rock edging is difficult to break. It is natural looking. There are many different stone types, sizes and colors that can be used.